Real-time shopping incentives that help increase sales. 

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Influence shoppers throughout their buying journey   

Help drive more revenue with limited-time rewards that attract buyers and incentivize purchases across our extension, email, and shopping discovery platform

How it works

Work with Honey to determine your campaign setup and targeting based on your marketing goals. 

Step One


Reach and acquire new customers by highlighting your product Offers on Honey’s shopping discovery site. 


Showcase limited-time Offers on your product pages to drive more conversions. 

Re-engage shoppers with Offers email notifications that help increase conversions and reduce cart abandonment. 



For the period of October 2020 – March 2021, 333% conversion rate is measured by comparing Members that have seen vs. not seen Offers, 38% uplift in 30-day new customer repurchase when offer redeemed on first purchase is measured by comparing Members that revisited a store’s site within a 30 day window after redeeming an Offer vs. not redeeming an Offer, 11% reduction in comparison shopping is measured by comparing the % of Members who visited at least 1 competitor site after seeing Offers vs. those that did not visit competitor sites after seeing Offers. 

Average lift in conversion rate after activating an Offer 

Maximize ROI on your advertising spend

Reduction in cross-site comparison shopping after seeing an Offer 


Reduce comparison shopping 

Lift in 30 day new customer repurchase rate 


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Our Partnerships team will work with you to get integrated with Honey and launch your first Offers campaign.  

Honey optimizes your advertising spend by matching deals with Honey Members’ real-time shopping intent across our platforms. 

Step Two

You only pay when Honey members purchase. Members earn Honey Gold points they can redeem for gift cards or shopping credits. 

Step Three

Honey Offers

Enhance brand loyalty