Help incentivize your customers to purchase with points-based rewards. Members can spend more in order to save, which helps drive conversions and high-value purchases across your site without traditional discounting.

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Honey Gold

Honey Gold helps partners...

Incentivize purchases without traditional coupons


Shopper Benefits

Earn Honey Gold at participating sites in industries like travel, retail, and food

Gold works seamlessly with other Honey products acting as an added bonus to existing rewards

Donate Honey Gold to a charitable organization of their choosing

Earn rewards that are redeemable as gift cards at select retailers

Access Honey's loyal base of 20M+ members

Increase average order value (AOV)

Honey Gold

Honey Gold Balance


Merchants with

Shoppers with

Partners can easily optimize and increase performance with Honey Gold 

Increase commission rate to expand your Honey Gold range, further incentivizing shoppers to convert on-site

How it works

Honey Members Earn Gold

Honey shows Gold available based on a partner's commission rate that incentivizes members to purchase from your store instead of other sites


Honey Re-engages Members with Good News

Honey re-engages members post-purchase with a personalized email to let them know the value of their Gold


Users redeem 1,000 Gold points for a $10 gift card at selected Honey partners or by making a donation to a charity of their choice

Honey Members Redeem Gold


*Honey Internal Data, May 18, 2020 – July, 5 2020

An electronics retailer saw a 28% increase in average order value.

Honey Proprietary Data, January 2021, *~10K active stores are those that have Honey Gold enabled in our system, *58M Shoppers is number of shoppers who have a positive Honey Gold points balance over the last 6 months

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