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Honey is now part of the PayPal family. Learn more here.

How does Honey partner with merchants?

We partner with brands via Affiliate Networks to help confirm user purchases, and we get a commission for driving those sales. Working with an Affiliate Network is a requirement to optimize with Honey - please see below for additional details.

What is affiliate marketing?

Affiliate Marketing is a performance-based advertising model, where an external partner is leveraged in order to promote the brand with the end goal of driving sales.

If I'm already joined to an affiliate network, what's next?

If you’re already joined to one of the affiliate networks mentioned above, simply offer program terms to Honey in the affiliate network. This will begin the process of establishing an active partnership. From there, someone from Honey will contact you to get started. Once Honey has accepted your affiliate network partnership offer, we will generate a store page for your brand on and begin posting savings for your store. Get started here.

What does it cost to partner with Honey?

Honey requires a minimum of a 3% commission in order to partner with us which is applied to each purchase a member makes on your site. Honey requires a minimum of a 5% commission in order to for us to enable Honey Gold on purchases members make on your site. Remember, all opportunities with Honey are performance-based, so commission is only paid to Honey when a transaction occurs, so ROIs will always be positive. 

I've partnered with Honey. What should I do to get the most out of the platform?

Make sure you have a Honey Branded Code shared with Honey

A Honey Branded Code is simple vanity code with the term “HONEY" in it. The goal here is to allow the shopper to check out with confidence - even if the discount isn’t large, there will always be a code available. Merchants that host Honey branded codes see an average of 5% higher conversion rates and 6% higher average order values – which can result in up to a 10% revenue increase. To participate, create and email over a vanity code that includes the term “HONEY” – for example, “HONEY10”. Include a description, any exclusions, and an expiration date (we recommend a minimum of 90 days, but the longer the better!).  

Offer your shoppers Honey Gold

Honey Gold is presented to users as a points bonus in a range that is based on our effective commission rate. Members are given the opportunity to earn 1% - X% of their purchase. Honey Gold is dynamic and the reward members receive is based on chance. Our partners love this feature because it resonates well with our millennial shoppers and incentivizes them to checkout with confidence. We require an effective commission rate of 5% or greater to enable Honey Gold.

Keeping your store page up to date on is quickly becoming a premier savings destination. The website serves as a search and discovery platform for new stores and products and sees over 20M+ visits each month! As a partner, your brand will have a store page on To keep the content up to date, be sure to update your offers and promotions in the Affiliate Network platform or ForMeToCoupon ( 






Which affiliate networks are integrated with Honey?

  • Adcell

  • Afilio

  • Affiliate Future

  • Avantlink

  • Awin

  • Commission Junction

  • Commission Factory

  • Glopss

  • Impact 

  • Involve Asia

  • Kwanko 

  • LinkConnector

  • Optimise

  • Partnernize

  • Pepperjam

  • Rakuten Advertising

  • ShareASale

  • Soicos

  • Shopify (only in US, CA, AU)

  • TradeDoubler

  • TradeTracker

  • Tune / Hasoffers

  • vCommision

  • WebGains